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Upgrade now!

to K3 Business Class ChatGPT.

This offer will only last for a limited time only. ChatGPT in Business Class will boost your productivity! It's a unique one-time offer. For a chosen few. 

$ 79

If you like to pay with Klarna or other paying options that works globally : Use this link
In Sweden: You can also Swish 830 SEK to 123226666

Have you already signed up?

Details: Full access to the ChatGPT Business Class K3 service for 79 USD from the day of order to Dec 31, 2024.
No trials. But we offer a full 14-day All Money Back Guarantee! 

We have only reserved 10000 spots for this offer, and if this link or payment function does not work, it has ceased to exist. We have sold out. "Seats are limited". It's up to you. 

Considering 500 million people have joined ChatGPT service in 2023 and you will have a better version with K3, would you fly Economy or Business Class? This is a no-brainer... Sign-up today!

ChatGPT Free version


Per user / per month

  • Run 1 prompts at a time
  • ChatGPT will give you access sometimes when the servers are not overloaded.
  • You will "fly lowcost airline"
    and thats perfectly fine for most people
  • You will get replies from ChatGPT like a telex machine from 1959.
  • You will have to copy and paste like its still 1984 with the valuable replies from ChatGPT into a word processor to continue edit and personalize the botreplies into your own needs.
  • If you are lucky, the ChatGPT is availible right there when you are back and want to ask more follow up questions and are curius for more.
  • It is still an amazing option for home sapiens that dont aim to be at the top of the ladder and still watch the news on television.
ChatGPT Plus "Economy"


Per user / per month directly to OpenAI

  • Faster response
  • Priority access
    Still access to ChatGTP when closed for public during peak hours
  • Only availible in United States
    Will be changed witout notice
  • Priority access to new features and improvments
  • Perfect option for people who aim to utilize the AI opportunities more
    and still not yet heard about the ChatGPT Business Class K3 alternative
ChatGPT Business Class


One-time fee for until 31 December 2024 with 3rd party

  • Multiple chats sent in one prompt, including followup questions
  • Instant released prompt after send
    to be able to send new prompts and tweak them without delays for 10X productivity.
  • Listing of prompts with tags
    for instant filter access to find your, team and public edited prompts.
  • Edit directly without copying and pasting
    from ChatGTP when you first see the reply from the AI bot prompt replies.
  • Overview of unedited ChatGPT replies, your edited and moderated edits, work in progress, and your approved color codes
  • Edit directly in K3 without copying and pasting from ChatGTP with K3 Text blocks and Material
  • Export multiple prompts with one clic after editing to a single PDF, CSV, or Doc
  • All prompts returned with images
    to remember them more easily and instantly get designed reports.
  • Create courses from ChatGPT for sale in the K3 Course Store with your edited Prompts and Materials, Tests, Events, and Surveys
    to accelerate productivity and profit on the ChatGTP wave. And much more with ordinary K3 functionality.
  • Get ChatGPT access 24/7/365 without returning after peak hours overload
    through the backdoor of K3 API to ChatGPT and OpenAI
  • Create blogs, reports, and books with the K3 Authoring Tool
    with AI support and all ChatGPT functionality integrated to boost your individual creativity process.
  • Access to over 1000 courses in K3 to learn more about AI
    so you get ahead in the era of AI and benefit from the revolution.

Frequently Asked

If this offer seems to good to be true, please read the FAQs below.

How does the K3 ChatGPT Business Class differ from the ChatGPT service from OpenAI?

Why would you not buy a subscription from ChatGPT directly "from the source" and not through us as a third party? 

This is a valid question we would ask ourselves in your situation. The short answer: Because we have built a solution on top of the ChatGPT and added many excellent functions. (see list abobe).

It is like the airplane: It takes all passengers from A to B. Some can sleep in a bed, drink champagne and have top-notch service not available to all. Some are flying in Economy Class and are only concerned with going from A to B.

It is up to you to decide if it's worth the extra 79 USD on a one-time fee for access during 2024. Please scroll up above to view the functions. Perhaps only one of them will save you 79 USD in thirty minutes? 

How long will the one-time fee and service last?

We offer 10000 "seats" for 79 USD as an introductory special offer. We will serve our clients the service if ChatGPT does not close, change its terms of service or price list for API for developers, or force major hits us.

However, we only promise to keep this ability and offer a one-time offer to give you access to our KLMS-based service in the K3 platform until Dec 31, 2024. After that, you can download all your content or continue our service with a new offer.

We also have the right to limit the prompter requests to 50 per day, or if misused for any reason we see fit, we will dismiss you from the Business Class version. Hence, 10000 spots is what we offer since this service is exclusive.

We are rapidly in the change of things in 2024. So this is what the deal is about. No hidden costs. No hidden services. No auto prolonging. Just a super-great functionality to get ahead of everybody else in 2024. 

What kind of support does ChatGPT Business Class from provide?, or K3 is a part of the learning management platform K3, former known as KlickData or KLMS, a brand under the Klick Data AB (publ) company based in Sweden. We have over 30 years of experience and are a public company under the rules of Swedish and European Law. 

Our service is based on the premises of our clients and the long term reputation we have built as a trustful partner. We provide a wide range of service solutions. This offer comes with the ability to contact us through email, chatbots, and the internal message system supplied inside the KLMS, where you will have an account with all your prompts. 

What happens when my plan expires?

You will no longer be "flying ChatGPT Business Class K3," and technically, you cannot create, send, edit, download, or publish your prompts and the replies from ChatGPT inside the K3 system you have made.

You will, however, always have a chance to get access to the already created material so you can enjoy the results you have created for your work during the period you have been "on board" in the K3 system.

If the bot is the horse and you are the rider, you can no longer ride, but the memories (prompts) you shared will not be lost. We keep the Material and Resources in our database until you retrieve them or we are forced to delete them by law (GDPR).

Is there a free trial available?

We do not offer a free trial before purchase due to demand and this limited introduction offer. Please use ChatGTP as a regular service from OpenAI. We do offer a full refund within 14 days with no questions asked if you are unsatisfied with the ChatGPT Business Class K3 service. 

Can I upgrade my subscription later?

Yes, you can. If you move to a plan with your own Academy, you will still have access as a user in the K3 Academy. You can easily switch between accounts in the menu. The same applies if your company, team or organization subscribes; you can have a private account in K3 for your private sphere and personal interests. 

What if I'm only interested in one feature from a different plan?

Contact us, and we will inform you about the upgrade plan for you, your team, or your enterprise. ChatGPT Business Class K3 is a part of the KLMS-based solution from Klick Data, and we offer many great upgrade alternatives that will tailor your needs.   

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?


The ChatGPT Business Class K3 offer at this site is a subscription service with a fixed amount and with a defined end date of Dec 31, 2024. You will not be forced or charged to prolong the subscription.

You might get an offer to stay for 2024 and beyond. If you like to cancel and end your subscription before the end of Dec 31, 2024, you are free to do so and we comply with GDPR. 

What would I normally pay?

Our regular rate for this service, compared to the K3 we now offer for the rest of 2024, is 19 USD/ month (199 USD/ year). So 79% is an up to 60% one-time off introduction offer.  

As we said: This is a No Brainer offer and it will not be extended beyond 10000 clients. 

Why? Because we aim to be the best, we can not serve all in Business Class to be able to help clients with a premium. Yes. We think we will get all 10000 clients to stay in 2024 because we will deliver massive value in ChatGPT Business Class K3.

Suppose some of you will leave: it's perfectly fine. We will then be able to sell this spot to someone else. K3 is for the chosen few who understand the power of AI at the stellar level.

Do you still think this is "too good to be true"? We will still give you a 14-day money-back guarantee. It also works both ways. If you misbehave as a client in Business Class ChatGPT, we will give you the money back, and you will not be able to join again.  

This service is aimed at clients who strive for the clients who are used to the best. Clients who are used to flying business class and private jets and meet C-level people around the globe. We will share information in the K3 platform K3 among our clients to maximize revenues from ChatGPT.

We not only think you will like this: We know you will be staying with us.

Now that you read this far. Now, follow your instinct and decide: Pay and join. Or dismiss this offer.

Who is behind the solution for ChatGPT Business Class K3? is owned by Klick Data AB, a public company based in Stockholm, Sweden. We have served 25000 clients, delivered over 1.6 million video tutorials, and have created K3 and KLMS learning management systems for over 30 years. Currently, we have over 460000 users registered in the K3 ecosystem, helping clients be their strategic partners in assessment and knowledge management.

AI and ChatGPT are as new to us as the rest of the World, but our expertise in getting our clients a head start has helped us get where we are today.

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